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August 2014

1st iPhone blog

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Just installed the WordPress iPhone ap on my phone I use both Pc and iPhone but my Pc isn’t in my pocket with a camera on it. So here’s the first post from the phone now if I can get Siri to work in this ap I may just have cracked the regular blog problem that can happen ūüôā so here’s my first random phone picture test which just happens to be of my friend Paul and his daughter on our recent holiday in Devon



3D Creations

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house5 Photo realistic products with easily produced variants of colour shape and size, doing whatever you can imagine ! Have you ever wanted to show the inside of your product (an exploded view of its inner workings) ? demonstrate what makes it tick ? its physical makeup ? what it does best ?With a Virtual representation of your product its easy to change the scenery around it. Change how its lit, the angle, whats reflecting in its surfaces ! Present your product to your potential customers in the best way possible.Create an online shopping experience or virtual tour that allows your customer to fully customize every aspect of their purchase or experience. Specialist in architectural products
 I can create photo realistic virtual representations of your products and represent and stylize your services quickly making it virtually impossible to distinguish real from computer generated. Or if photo real is not applicable or required then stylized and engaging animations and video can be created to engage your customers and evoke their own imaginations. The possibilities are endless !

Website Design

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Interactivity taken to a new level, sites designed to be found, indexed and ranked high. By keeping appraised of technological advancements in Search Engine Optimization and understanding the need for customer interaction I build sites that generate a superb return on investment.

morans wood components

Morans Wood Components
Corporate Website to showcase products and services

rent a holiday cottage

Dunes Cottage Holidays
Brochure Style Website to showcase holidays in Devon

best financial advice

Alisons Financial Planning
Corporate Website to showcase Products and services

Interactive 3D house Designer
Using 360 Pano Software I created an interactive window designer



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Beautiful, practical & uniquely cost effective . . . make the most out of your print expenditure.
Hold down your mouse and grab a page and turn it over to see my artwork.

8 Page JWS Flyer
JWS Energy Flyer
Archways Brochure
JWS Corporate Brochure
JWS Composite Brochure
JWS Flyer 01
TCP Flyer 01
Stationary, Ads, Cars and Stands
PC Gamer adverts 2003
September Flyer 2014

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