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house5 Photo realistic products with easily produced variants of colour shape and size, doing whatever you can imagine ! Have you ever wanted to show the inside of your product (an exploded view of its inner workings) ? demonstrate what makes it tick ? its physical makeup ? what it does best ?With a Virtual representation of your product its easy to change the scenery around it. Change how its lit, the angle, whats reflecting in its surfaces ! Present your product to your potential customers in the best way possible.Create an online shopping experience or virtual tour that allows your customer to fully customize every aspect of their purchase or experience. Specialist in architectural products
 I can create photo realistic virtual representations of your products and represent and stylize your services quickly making it virtually impossible to distinguish real from computer generated. Or if photo real is not applicable or required then stylized and engaging animations and video can be created to engage your customers and evoke their own imaginations. The possibilities are endless !

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